board of directors

And Supporting Committees

2021 – 2022 Board of Directors

Past Presidents Advisory Council


Gloria Gaughan

Past President

Barbara Franks

First Vice President

Kathie Priestley


Hanna Young


Marguerite Hambleton




Communications Vice President

MaryAngela Smith

Infant Care Vice President

Penny Parmelee

Basic Needs Vice President

Kathryn Wagner

Literacy Vice President

Mary Polizzotto

Habitat Scholars

Cherry Smith &
Kathleen Flynn Fox


Jane Austermiller
Catherine Boltz
Kathleen Clark
Nancy Deakins
Lynne Deal
Kathleen Flynn Fox
Mary Frey
Dottie Gerrity
Sue Keane
Sue Manion
Colleen Mayes

Spiritual Advisor


Valery Moore
Peggy Nolan
Mary Ann Palma
Kathy Pezzuti
Ginny Ray
Ellen Ryan
Patty Schimpf
Terry Schrantz
Julia Van Domelen
Jean Voth

Committee Chairs & Members


Maureen Kincaid & Colleen Kaminski

Accounts Payable

Brigitte Stefka

Infant Care


Penny Parmelee & Valerie Palmeri

Bringing Baby Home

Dottie Gerrity

Basic Needs

Kathryn Wagner

Habitat for Humanity

Debra Johnson

Grace Place 

Kathleen Long

Children’s Advocacy Center

Dara Gorman

Habitat Scholarship Program

Kathleen Flynn Fox & Cherry Smith


Mary Polizzotto

ELLM/Reading Readiness

Mary Polizzotto

Golden Gate
Herbert Cambridge Elementary

Arlene Rossi
Denise Delaney

Fun Time Academy

Sue Manion & Kathy Clark

ELLM Materials

Kathryn Wagner
Mina White

Habitat for Humanity (Books)

Ellen Spencer

Special Activities 

New Member Reception

Gloria Gaughan

Tributes and Memorials

Doris Barrett

Mother’s Day Cards

Sally Gleason

Sunshine Coordinator

Penny Kramer

Christmas Brunch

Gloria Gaughan & Committee

Founders Luncheon

Barbara Franks, Janie Austermilller, Donna Eskra, Francesca Fauls 


Noreen Morell & Maureen Sperin

Red Wagon-Hope Keep the Wheels Rolling

Gloria Gaughan

Program Chair

Barbara Duda

Stationery/Note Card Management

Penny Parmelee 

Volunteer Hours

Martha Moore

Finance Review Committee Chair

Gloria Gaughan, Barbara Franks, Maureen Kincaid, Marguerite Hambleton, Briget Stefka